311 Charity Reiki Cafe 2019 / 311チャリティレイキカフェ

Reiki Cafe is for those;

*who wants to know more about Reiki

*who wants to practice hands on Reiki healing

*who wants to receive Reiki healing







Reiki Cafe is the cafe where you can receive Reiki treatment or you can practice Reiki if you completed attunement course before. Anybody can join, you can arrive at any time and leave at any time during our opening time. We also provide the tea and the snack for participants. Entry fee for Reiki Cafe is HK$100 per person. Please register your name for 311 Charity Reiki Cafe here.





This year our fun charity shopping is back again, for detail please click here.



【2019年3月2日(土)311 チャリティレイキカフェ for 東北植林希望の森モリ大作戦のお知らせ】


去年は、心耀堂が開催したチャリティレイキカフェにご参加および寄付をしていただきまして、ありがとうございます。今年も早いものでもうすぐ3月11日が来ようとしています。去年の寄付では、合計218,000円をNPO法人MAKE THE HEAVEN宛てのWonderful world 植林、東北植林・希望の森モリ大作戦まで送りました。苗木にして436本を寄付することができました!






















Join 311 Charity Reiki Cafe and support green!


This year we hope to raise more funds as they are still recovering from the damage of typhoon hit last October 2017

For photos and details please also click here and check in their website.


【311 Charity Reiki Cafe】@Shine Body & Soul Healing Center, Causeway Bay
Saturday 2nd March 2-5pm 

Particpation Fee HK$100 *All the funds on the day go to donation for afforestation project in Japan
Venue Shine Body & Sou Healing Center 
C5, 2/F, Block C, Paterson Bldg, 37 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
*You don't need reservation for Reiki Cafe, when you arrive at G/F please press R2369 to open the gate.


How can I donate through Reiki Cafe?

1. Please visit our Reiki Cafe and your participation fee will simply go to donation.

2. We also welcome your donation besides Reiki Cafe, please contact me directly regarding donation.

*Pay by cash at the center (Please contact us before you are visiting, we cannot open the door if our sessions/classes are happening)
*Bank Transfer Please send your fund to Hong Kong Bank (HSBC) 809 863442 838 Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre Company
Please put your name and the note ‘Afforestation project TOHOKU’ with your payment. Please send email when you have done the payment.


3. Buy charity products and support this project. (TBC)

Who is NPO MAKE THE HEAVEN where we suppose to donate?

In their activity Shine Body & Soul is supporting ‘Afforestation’ section. We have been supporting them for about 4 years.
They are experienced tree planting organization that they continue afforestation project since 2005, first time in inner-Mongol until now (While tsunami and earthquake hit eastern-northern Japan, they stopped their activity for 1 year afterwards) They started to work again for afforestation from 2012 to affected area in northern-eastern Japan too.
More photos of their afforestation activity please visit the link below;


【Why Afforestation?】

Do you know trees can protect our life from tsunami? 

You can learn more about afforestation for seawalls here on youtube.

Making Forests of Life for the Ones You Love "The Green Tide Embankment"




If you couldn't find us on the day, please ring our office number 3689-7116.


311 Charity Reiki Cafe 2019 is 2-5pm Saturday 2nd March

Registration Form 311 Charity Reiki Cafe on 2nd March 3/2(土)311チャリティレイキカフェお申込み

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Registration for 311 Charity Reiki Cafe on 10th March. Please register for participation. 3/10レイキカフェお申込みはこちらフォームを送信してください。

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