Reiki Cafe / レイキカフェ

Reiki Cafe is for those;

*who wants to know more about Reiki

*who wants to practice hands on Reiki after received the attunement

*who wants to receive Reiki healing







What do you expect in Reiki Cafe?】You will be able to receive Reiki on massage table or on the floor with the yoga mat provided, group Reiki healing practice is one of our popular practice as you will be energized more quickly because receiving Reiki amount will be more proportionately to the numbers of the people, you will also be able to experience hands on on people even you are new to Reiki therapy, other Reiki practitioners or Reiki teachers will be assist you to do so nicely. The participation Fee for Reiki Cafe is HK$300 per person, registration before Reiki Cafe will be needed. Only limited numbers of participants are allowed each session. The session lasts 3 hours. Please click the button "Book Reiki Cafe" below and send the form. Please book early before the places are fully booked!





Shine Body & Soul Healing Center | 心耀堂


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