Reiki Wellness Workshop 2020 - How to Strengthen your Reiki energy -

Reiki Wellness Workshop 2020  レイキウェルネスワークショップ 2020


-How to strengthen your Reiki energy






What is the benefit of practicing Reiki? How will you be more helpful to applying Reiki on your self and on others? What happen to you if you could balance your energy very well? Does your energy affect your every day life, is it helpful to raise our quality of life? We will have talk session and Reiki experience pracitce session to let you feel and think about Reiki! 



This event is open for anybody, who are new to Reiki, who have been practicing Reiki, from beginner level till Reiki teachers/Reiki masters.



<Date&Time> Sunday 16th February 2020, 9 am - 1 pm

<Venue>3/F, meeting room of Regal Hong Kong Hotel (Causeway Bay) 5mins walk from Exit E MTR Causeway Bay station

<Participation Fee>HK$500 per person

<What to bring?>Please come with your curiosity, comfortable clothes (If you don't mind to sit or lay down on the floor to receive Reiki, we also have chairs as well)

<Registration>Please send the form below for pre-registration as the number of the seats are limited



<開催場所>リーガル香港ホテル 3/F 会議室 MTR銅鑼湾駅出口Eより徒歩5分





9.00 - 9.30 am Opening, Questions and Answers オープニング・質疑応答など

9.30 am - Talk with Guest Speaker Japanese Reiki Teacher / Chairman of NPO Japan Reiki Association Yoko Tsuji

We will have some interesting talk about Reiki, to tell you how to improve our quality of life through practicing Reiki, about our associations, our missions etc



11 am - 13pm Group Reiki practice/experience グループ形式でレイキ実践・体験

Let's experience / practice / feel Reiki to balance our energy. レイキで自分のエネルギーバランスを整えていきましょう。

*Experience traditional Reiki breathing technique 日本伝統式レイキ呼吸法

*Some group Reiki hands on practice グループ手当て実践

etc などなど

Registration Form -お申込みフォーム-

We are terribly sorry that the event Reiki Wellness Workshop has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances in Hong Kong now, in order not to spread the coronavirus we postpone it to later date this year if the situation recovered.

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