Satoe Sasaki Usui Reiki Master/Teacher (NPO Japan Reiki Association), MoveForLife Stretching exercise Instructor



Born in 1978

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Current City: Hong Kong from 2000 


I set up Shine Body & Soul Healing Center in 2011 in HK.

Shine body & soul name means exactly it is the place for us to shine our body and soul!

Wish the world become one and no boundaries between the countries, Shine body & soul aims to increase people smiley faces around the world! 


I believe everyone hope for better life and better people, but this is not always easy to achieve and many people still struggle about it even if they are very successful person in jobs, carrier, study, performance etc. I want to tell some suggestions to people which I gained from my own hard experiences, challenges of life in the past. I am very interested in my self inner growth from the past, now and to the future and look forward to grow with you together!


2010.Feb:  Qualified Usui Reiki teacher from NPO Japan Reiki Association

2012 July: Learn about stretching movement from Mrs Asuke and Ms Yonezawa in Japan, which provides a basis for my stretching exercise class



For encounter with NPO Japan Reiki Association,

When I was practicing Reiki in Japan, I wanted to know more opportunities to practice with other Reiki practitioners. It was not many in Japan, but finally I found good one here it was NPO Japan Reiki Association.

After talking with Reiki teachers there, I believe that I want to be a Reiki teacher from this NPO Japan Reiki Association because their direction, dream about Reiki is totally same with my one.


Our Mission in NPO Japan Reiki Association,

*Increase number of people who can feel 'Love, Peace of Mind, Connection, Life, Blessing' through Reiki

*Raise awareness toward Reiki healing and Support different stream Reiki Masters/Teachers widely in back ward manner

*Revive Japanese Reiki as our traditional culture

Please also visit our NPO Japan Reiki Association Hong Kong 



笹木 里絵 臼井レイキ師範(NPO日本レイキ協会)、ストレッチインストラクター






SHINE Body & Soul Healing Centre(心耀堂公司) 代表



Shine Body & Soul という名前は、身体と魂を輝かせるという意味です。皆さんにサービスを提供することで、輝かしい人生をぜひ送ってほしいという願いからこの名前をつけました。 心耀堂の使命は、世界中の人々が隔たりなく、笑顔を増やしていくことです。












2012年夏 足助体操(私が開催するストレッチ体操クラスの基礎はこの体操にあります)に出会う、足助照子先生と米澤典子先生からご教示いただく








*的確なアドバイスがいただける 、レイキの分野に対する希望を感じる












Now you can also find me in Youtube channel Japan Reiki Association !

Shine Body & Soul Healing Center | 心耀堂


Address: C5, 2/F, Block C, Paterson Bldg, 37 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Email: healinghk@gmail.com Phone 3689-7116 What'sapp 98316058