<Voice from clients after the healing session>




Body became very warm, feel very freshed.

It was very interesting experience I didn't feel energy very much though.

It was mysterious.

I think Reiki is very natural thing.

I felt it was very clear.

It filled with warmth around the body.

I think it is very effective to mental level.

It was very peaceful.

I felt whirling, swinging and some weight.


It lightened my back.

I felt the flow of air(reiki).


Relaxed and felt sleepy.


Increased the time to the washing room temporarily.



I attended a one-hour reiki healing session with Satoe and found it to be a highly rewarding experience. During the session, my energy was awakened through Satoe's hand placements on areas of my body which were weak or agitated. Interestingly, Satoe was able to identify my energy levels very accurately. She gave me some insight into why this was so, and advice on how I could work on improving and balancing my energy. Although Satoe did not know about my inner feelings prior to performing reiki healing, she was certainly able to sense them through my energy. The healing session awakened my awareness to feelings which had previously been dormant or unresolved.

One area that was most notably affected during my reiki session was the heart. Because of certain circumstances, my heart had been feeling quite dull and lifeless at that time. When Satoe performed reiki on this area, I felt a strong sensation of warmth and lightness which brought my attention to the fact that my heart was closed off. After reiki, however, my heart felt distinctly more open, clear and happy. The session was helpful not only in healing, but also in awakening awareness towards my own mind and body and making sense of how my current state was affecting me. This session was a great way to become more in touch with myself and to create a conscious awareness of my life energy. I recommend attending a session with Satoe to anyone, including those who are new to energy healing. Although reiki is also quite new to me, I am confident in its powers and believe that anyone can benefit from the healing and awakening affects of reiki. (From R.G)





<Voices from clients after the workshop>














~To reset emotion, we should turn the negatives into positives to encourage a positive cycle flow.~













「サイクルマップ」を書いて、自分が普段うっすら感じたり考えていることを整理して再度考えることができたと思う。また自分の気持ちだけでなく、(相手について考えて書いているので)相手の気持ちをもっと考えるきっかけになったと思う。 匿名さん

確かに、現実主義、理屈主義は安全ですが、先にものすごい成功や結果がついてこないかもしれないなあ、、と漠然と感じ、少しずつでも実践してみようと思いました。 ネイト美奈子さん フリーランス (家族問題カウンセラー・リロケーションコンサルタント}



自分と向き合い感情に流されてしまうのが怖いので避けてきていたけれども本当はどうありたいのかを見つめる機会になったと思う。匿名さん (客室乗務員)

Emotion is most important in your life. You can choose yor emotion. More real life example, more notes. By Salina (Flight Attendant)


Get inspiration & insight about myself. See things more clearly.

It was a fun time! Thanx so much! By Tracy (Editor)


This workshop has enable me to follow on the way we perceive the world around us. Thank you for an insightful, thoughtful workshop. By Kate (Teacher/Writer/Photographer)


It is a good workshop to look into our emotion to know more about ourselves. From that, we can improve & move forward. By Kevin Yuen (I.T.)



I found many concepts that I could relate to my previous NLP studies. This indeed is a good way to be aware of your emotions and the ways you can change them. By Lorant Szakacs  (Soft Engineer)



Quite similar to other psychological/mind workshop I have been attending. I wonder if each specialists could get together and invent something new. Great Workshop! By Maiko Yahagi ( IT Project Manager)

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