Thank you 311 Charity Reiki Cafe 2017 / 311チャリティレイキカフェ

311 Reiki Cafe for 2018 will be on Saturday 10th March! Stay tuned till more information to come for this year!
It passed 6 years already since the earthquake hit Japan hard.
I am supporting this tree planting project in northern eastern Japan (←The link goes to 25 mins video in youtube explaining afforestation in Japan) for about 4 years now.
Thank you very much again for your support!
I am very grateful that many of you contributed and agreed with this project. I strongly believe tree planting for seawall is beneficial not just for protecting our life but also we all could get connected together through this activity.
This year I could have a chance to hear Tamotsu's talk who takes in charge of afforestation section in NPO MAKE THE HEAVEN for this project. 
He told me about the history of afforestation in northern eastern Japan and other supporting victim activities he joined in the past, one in Miyagi and another in Kumamoto (which earth quake hit last year) and the story which the sunflower gave victims and him self hope instead of despair.
He explained and show us about the sunflower were planted in affected earthquake area, although the people blamed him because it was painful time for people as there are still lots of people were missing by earthquake and tsunami, the people came to him and said thank you to him after the people saw the sunflowers were actually blooming. He learned that the flower gave them hope instead of despair indeed.
So tree planting that now we are supporting is also not just for protecting the life and gain safety from tsunami, but he also told us he strongly believes that these activities make our heart strengthen and can have more hope for our own life.
This year we raised 12,390HK$ in total for this afforestation project and the funds go and help buying seedlings for afforestation.
Tamotsu told me that 'we are doing 1 dollar charity which he drives a tempura oil car all over Japan to tell a story about afforestation and collect 1 dollar donation from the participants', he insists one small step for everyone makes the big difference for us! 
I am very grateful to say that about 50 people in Hong Kong donated and raise this amount of money!
Huge thank YOU, who attended 311 charity Reiki Cafe, or bought Fanny-Min's fair trade (←click the link if you are ginger chew and dried mango lover) donated products, Amy's organic honey charity products (who supports Organic farm in HK) or Japanese incense key holder made by Kanako-san (who runs aromatherapy school 'aroma villa' in Kansai, west Japan)
And more, there will be an event in northern eastern Japan (Miyagi) this May for afforestation (those our donated seedlings go to the place to plant) please click the link above to see the detail, please check it especially for those who get interested in attending this event in Japan!
Hope you spend full of laugh and smile today & look forward to seeing you again in Reiki Cafe!
I hope to see more connections of people involved next year!
With love and gratitude,
Satoe Sasaki
Owner of Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre

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