Thank you 311 Charity Reiki  2020/ 311チャリティレイキ

What a year! 2020. I cannot believe I was doing ONLINE session on 11th March 2020 instead of Reiki Café where I could meet you face to face, I was on YouTube instead. I already had a thought that probably I had to start the classes online in 2019, because of special situations in Hong Kong, I feel grateful personally actually the thing happened on us put me the position to make my video online and I could share it with you.
I understand the donation which I collected for supporting tree seedlings for Tohoku this year is clearly little, less than last year, in this difficult situation, like some lost the jobs, some are losing money in business, but I believe majority of us are spending peaceful time right now, even I cannot see you, I trust you are fine.
So I decided to continue online Reiki practice session (I call it "Home Reiki" from now on) on YouTube for charity cause, if you like it and agree that you want to send donation you can always donate by clicking the button below to send the money to us, I will continue until the day comes when I could finally go back to Japan and hand the donation to them. 
Thank you for all of your support, no matter the support was your donation or was your Reiki, or was your passion to share this activity, I want to see more trees and hope the town could recover very well and we all can share more positive feeling that we are all connected, like your effort made my day so it's my turn to make effort if my effort could reach someone if they like.., it would be very appreciated if this activity will become your energy to move on. 
Photo is from Tohoku, Japan shared by Kagoshiman
Total Donation received on March 2020 was HK$2,100 plus JPY2000
3月現在お預かりの東北植林の寄付金 HK$2,100+2000円







もし心耀堂の東北植林を一緒に応援してくださる方は、以下「DONATE for Trees TOHOKU」からボタンをクリックして、寄付していただけます!

To donate for supporting tree plantation in Tohoku, please find the button below to click! 



Next YouTube ONLINE home Reiki session will be at 9pm on 5th April


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