What is Reiki ? (レイキって何?)


What is REIKI (靈氣)?


REIKI is Japanese pronunciation of 靈氣, it is one of old Japanese word which no longer used now in Japan, it is the same meaning of Qi or Hei (氣) in Chinese, Prana in india, or Mana in Hawaii.

Reiki is fundamental energy to survive for all living creatures, we circulate it in our body so our body can work properly.


When our body is more resonate with Reiki energy flow, then we are more in harmony and balanced of energy, on the other hand, we will get sick and feel unwell if our energy condition is not balanced.

In Japanese we say, 病は気から is meaning that the sickness's cause is coming from our body energy, so we believe that treating our energy is important to keep us healthy in body and mind from ancient times.


Japanese Usui Mikao is the founder of Usui Reiki therapy about 100 years ago in Japan, now we can find many Reiki practitioners all over the world, hands on healing technique Reiki is very famous as a healing technique and Usui Reiki is the very beginning of "Reiki therapy" which we could find every where in the world now.


From many different stream of Reiki therapies now in the world, talk about the major difference and features about our traditional Usui Reiki is;



【Technique part】

*We don't have to focus about energy when practitioners practice healing on others/objects. Healing is not just for receiver, realize that both the senders, practitioners are receiving healing at the same time 

*Reiki practitioners won't get any negative energy influence when they are healing on others, therefore, any other special materials such as crystals, sage etc to protect practitioners are not needed.


【Spiritual practice part】

*The goal of Reiki practice is not just about getting the high standard of skills or effect/result that the practitioners have with the healing techniques, but to realize the importance of our personality growth, how to live life as a person, how to live the life of Anshin Ritsumei (安心立命). 安心立命 means "ultimate peace of mind". Do you want to learn to know how to grow self and live life with peace of mind? Please learn Reiki to enjoy both Reiki practice and being the best self! 


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