July 8th (Sat) Lamma island Beach Clean up x Reiki Special Event

🗓️What time :  July 8th Saturday at 13.30 pm  


🚢Where : Meeting point Central Ferry Pier No.4  <<Sok Kwu Wan>>

*Be careful you are not getting "Yung Shue Wan" which is right next to "Sok Kwu Wan".


🧹🙌What to do : Clean up and Reiki


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Who : Someone who likes to experience clean-up at the beach, who likes to experience & practice Reiki outdoor, who don’t mind if she/he gets wet or dirty with the sand 

**Who is not suitable to join : Someone who is under the long term medication, consider physically not fit to join the outdoor activity


💰Participation Fee: HK$250 per person (Except the case if the kids will only join beach clean up and will not join Reiki activity, however, there is no babysitting service on the day, so please take care of your own children during the event!)


 🥤What to bring : Suitable outfit for the activity (which you feel comfortable doing clean up and Reiki experience, please be noted you may sit on the floor or you may get sunburn or get wet during the activity), towel (long hand towel), hat, water bottle (please bring your own bottle for plastic free), sun cream, mosquito repellent, gloves and other convenient tool if any for beach clean up, used & unwanted shopping plastic bag 2-3 pcs if any, sitting pad if you don’t want to sit on the floor directly  


📣Cancellation Policy: The fee you paid is non-refundable, but transferable to someone else who can attend instead, or if you inform us your absence one day before you can use it for other Reiki-related workshop (except attunement course and group practice), no-show is 100% cancellation fee.

In case of the bad weather, we will postpone the event, we will contact you by whatsapp/messanger on the day with such case. 


How  0. Introduction 

          1. Sit down on the floor and do the breathing technique 

          2. Reiki Shower

          3. Introduction about clean up and ready to do clean up

          4. Clean up time around 1 hour with some break

          5. Hands on lying down on the floor (Yoga mat and cushion and towel) 

          6. Finishing around 5pm 



It would be very memorable event, please join and enjoy together, you would get the opportunity to meet other participants and chat, make your new friends ! 



👇To register this event, please click the button below and send the form and complete your payment. 


By Registering and completing that payment, you agree to all the conditions below;

any injuries sustained by the participants, any losses or damage to property owned by, or in the possession of, the participants any acts or omissions, negligence or fault off any person participated in the activity, please inform the organizers of any pre-existing medical condition(s) that might affect your participation. If the participant is under 15 yrs old: I certify that I am the parent / legal guardian and she/he has my consent participation in the activity. Photos taken during the event will be published online, and may be used on printed materials. Please inform the organizes if you have any concern.





🚢集合場所:セントラルフェリーピア 4番 Sok Kwu Wan (ラマ島)行き





👨‍👩‍👧‍👦参加資格:誰でも ビーチクリーンを体験したい方、室外のレイキを体験してみたい方、活動中はビーチでぬれたり、汚れることもあるかもしれません、室外での活動が体力的に難しい方は参加をご遠慮ください








0.ラマ島SokKwuWan  クリーンアップ・レイキ活動場所に到着 午後2時半~3時ごろ




4.活動終了 午後5時頃 現地解散










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